Wylde Q. Chicken Award Winners

University Laboratory High School

Honorable Mention
Victoria Wong
A Condeluded Analysis in Poetic Form
2010 Wylde Q. Chicken Award Winner
Lisa Sproat
Historical Caricatures of a Sutton Nature

2010 Winners

Left to right: Victoria Wong, English Teacher Elizabeth Majerus, Scott Wyatt (class of '72), U.S. History Teacher Bill Sutton, Lisa Sproat, Lisa's nominator Katherine Floess (holding Lisa's $150 check)

Uni High Director Jeff Walkington announces this year’s winners

2010 Wylde Q. Chicken Award Winner:
Lisa Sproat
Historical Caricatures of a Sutton Nature

Lisa was nominated by fellow student Katherine Floess:

Lisa has been creating history class into a dual art lesson. Each day, since the beginning of the year, she has been drawing a detailed portrait of Mr. Sutton, her US history teacher, and parodying an aspect of the day's lesson. For example, when the class was studying the Great Depression, she drew a portrait of Mr. Sutton with the quintessential appearance of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, complete with his iconic cigar. At the start of each class, Lisa asks Mr. Sutton who he would "like to be today." After some brainstorming, Mr. Sutton gives Lisa a person that he would like to resemble, and Lisa than must draw this portrait in the 50 min. long class period. By incorporating the image of a historical figure, she has been learning history; but the activity has also provided her the opportunity to practice her art skills, especially her ability to create realistic self-portraits. At the end of each class period, Lisa gives the drawing to Mr. Sutton. He has a collection of these illustrations in his desk drawer. Lisa has also not been using the typical drawing materials to create her portraits. Rather, she scourges out pieces of paper towels from the women's restroom to give her a more dynamic paper on which to draw her portraits.

Lisa was also nominated by US History teacher Bill Sutton:

I would like to nominate Lisa Sproat. Every day in US History, she sketches a picture of the teacher, in various poses or manifestations, like Huckleberry Hound, Santa Claus, Dwight Eisenhower, a unicorn, etc. They're all really quality sketches (they've been saved) and they look remarkably like both the teacher and the subject she picks. Somehow this process helps Lisa really focus on the material being taught--she gets top grades in the class. This is WYLDENESS at its most primal!

Lisa, flanked by her nominators Bill Sutton and Katherine Floess

Sutton as Roosevelt

Sutton as Eisenhower

Sutton as MacArthur

Sutton as Unicorn

2010 Honorable Mention:
Victoria Wong
A Condeluded Analysis in Poetic Form

Victoria was nominated by her English teacher, Elizabeth Majerus:

Victoria deserves a nomination for her general Wyldeness. She often comes up to me after class with off-the-wall ideas for class-related projects, like her proposal to conduct an experiment attempting to replicate the effects of psychedelic chemicals on the brain without actually ingesting anything illegal, during the time we were discussing ceremonial uses of mind-altering plants in Native American and Chicano Lit last fall semester. (I didn't give Victoria permission to go ahead with the project, but I respected her ingenuity and spirit of adventure.)

But today I am nominating her for the explication "essay" she wrote for Poetry class, which analyizes David Citino's poem "Einstein, Placenta, the Caves of Lascaux." What's special about Victoria's explication is that it's written in the form of a poem, a roughly 200-line poem complete with footnotes. What makes this more impressive is that she wrote the final draft poem version of her explication after writing a rough draft essay version, a developed and perfectly serviceable essay. So the poem was perfectly gratuitous. And hence, Wylde-worthy.

Victoria's Poetic Explication:

A Condeluded Analysis of David Citino's Poem Einstein, Placenta, the Caves of Lascaux
Or, in Short,
Utter Chaos [A Method to the Madness]

The David Citino poem which Victoria writes about

Victoria Wong with Liz Majerus
Victoria with English Teacher Elizabeth Majerus