Wylde Q. Chicken Award Winners

University Laboratory High School

2016 Wylde Q. Chicken Award Winners:
Even Dankowicz, Natalie Hummel, Sarah Matatov, and Ha Tran
Cockroach Invasion Investigation

Math teacher Craig Russell submitted this nomination:

I posted an InterDisciplinary Assignment, at the end of October--just a little fun. I did one a couple of years ago based on photos of equipment the elevator repair team left on the grounds, and no one submitted anything. This year, I posted signs and sent email reminders, emphasizing that the activity was not for a grade, and one group responded. Their submission was a 35-page dossier, extremely well done. They were awarded the promised pizza, though not from Papa Del's, which was closed at the time of the award in February. I strongly encourage you to give this one your strongest consideration--they put in a strong effort, with no reward in sight.

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