Uni High Class of 1972

Front, left to right:   Scott Wyatt (reclining, acting weird), Diana Bair, Jean Holden, Lydia Soo, Jane Hays, John Schousboe.   Great mob in the middle, left to right (more or less):   Karen Yoeger (arms folded), Keith Kempton (likewise), Richard Ettensohn, Jeff Becker, Carol Szabo & Janet Leach (standing buddies), Matthew Chen (peeking between Carol & Janet), Peter Wolff, Susie Doyle (in shawl), Greg Ives? (behind Susie), Jim Bartle, Wendy Martin, Kim Mast, Greg Collinson (striped shirt), Bill Weisel, Steve Kurland (enraptured), Greg Walters (in profile), Karla Vallance (with long scarf), Nancy Johannsen, Dan Kogan, Barb Goldhor, Ruth Monkman (doing the Ethel Merman), Linda Lewis, Adrienne Wakat (peeking over Linda), Andrea Dunn (get your hands out of your pockets!), Claire Neely? (peeking over Andrea), Karen Doebel, Laurence Lo (reaching for Karen).   Standing above the crowd:   Valarie Barr (hanging on to unidentified arm), Evelyn Ang, Matthew Eisen.

Hidden or absent:   Robert Easley, Brian Hendricks, Cathy Pines, Angela Woo, Robert Zych, Wylde Q. Chicken.

Photographer, too incompetent to get into the picture himself:   David Woolley



Wylde Q. Chicken Award